Professional Coaching sessions improve performance, technique and mental focus. With over 25 qualified years experience, Emily Taylor is a pioneer in professional coaching athletes and climbers, offering specialize individual and comprehensive training programs for climbers near and far and all experiences.

Analyze  | Photo by:  Tanya Malott

Analyze | Photo by: Tanya Malott

pro climb coaching

Maximize your training with a specialized and comprehensive training program. ProClimb Training Program, is suited for self motivated climbers requiring individualized attention in training cycles and programs, performance, athletic training, methodology, movement, efficiency and mental training.

Effort & Desire  | Satellite climber, Ty Collin-Columbus, OH Photo by: Emily Taylor

Effort & Desire | Satellite climber, Ty Collin-Columbus, OH Photo by: Emily Taylor

Satellite coaching

The Satellite Coaching Program custom crafts measurable training regiments for independent, motivated and/or remote climbers, pro and elite competitive climbers, and adaptive climbers. Athletes benefit from 1:1 coaching, video connection with in-depth coaching analysis, and a Individual Training Program mindful and holistically crafted to support the target benchmarks and achieve performance preparation. Taylor Fit Solutions innovated mobile coaching and has successfully coached many of the top climbers in the country today from across the country. Anything is possible!

Capabilities  | Adaptive Training Workshop

Capabilities | Adaptive Training Workshop

Adaptively Able Coaching

Emily Taylor is passionate and experienced trailblazer in coaching individuals with diverse needs, adaptive and developmentally delayed climbers and athletes.  Taylor Fit Solutions specializes in training amputees with and without prosthetic support, wheelchair, neurological conditions, visually and hearing impaired athletes, as well as individuals with Autism, OTS, Down Syndrome, and FAS.  An individualized and personalized experience bolsters an uniquely holistic method of incorporating all abilities and elevating athletes to their potential.  Follow your dreams, set your goal and get start your journey today!