2020 Climbing Summit for Coaches and Climbers of Color

Thank you for your interest in the 1st Annual Climbing Summit for Coaches and Climbers of Color. The 4-day event is complete with meals for coaches, workshops, clinics, training labs, technique training, yoga, fitness and even a party! For complete information on the schedule of events, registering coaches and climbers can find it all in one place! Simply click on any green BOOK NOW link to go to the host site for this event.

A kind inclusion notice for White Affinity Groups, sponsors and donors:

Thank you for your interest to be involved with the 1st Annual Climbing Summit for Coaches and Climbers of Color. This safe space has been created to provide education, resources and tools to coaches and climbers of color that is not easily accessible due to many variables that impact marginalized people in this industry. We accept your support and involvement in the way of the following contributions.


Allies can help support this vision and the spread the word about this important event through in their communities, through word of mouth and social media! Another active way to get involved is start a GoFundMe page for a climber or coach you know is interested, or let someone have your Airbnb travel points! There are many ways you can support a friend and their investment to be a better climber and coach.


Time, resources, and goods can support the structure of this well-planned event. We are looking for advocates open to contribute time and resources such as media coverage, social media marketing, printing and organizational help as well as and goods, such as food or swag. If you are a company or individual that can be more involved with your services for this event, contact our Advocate Hotline today! tayloredfitcoach@gmail.com


Industry companies, local businesses and private citizens have the unique opportunity to be involved in the most generous of ways for marginalized people. We are in need of heavy accomplices in this vision. An accomplices of support to our efforts of diversity and inclusion in rock climbing involves the commitment of financial sponsorship, financially contributing or donating, or site host an event of the summit. Thank you Accomplices Sphere, Touchstone Climbing, and Great Western Power Company for leading supporter of access of space, and Evlov Sports for your continued commitment to TayloredFit Solutions projects. Please contact: tayloredfitcoach@gmail.com to become an Accomplice Sponsor today! We need you!