Consulting Services

Hiring TayloredFit Consulting will enrich the climbing experience for your climbing community. We customized our services to support the needs of gyms, teams and organizations looking to build a healthy, mindful and safe climbing community. 

Heartrate  | Photo by: Justen Sjong

Heartrate | Photo by: Justen Sjong

Team Management & Development

TayloredFit Solutions Team Development & Management Consulting provides the following services incorporating plans, resources and strategies for growth and strengthening of your team program:

  • Establishing Vision Plans, Goals & Objectives
  • Team Organization, Development and Structure
  • Team Management and Operations
  • Creating Standard Operating Policies, Procedures and Protocol
  • Improving Communication
  • Continuing Education and Certifications
  • Coaching Ethics
  • Industry Safety Practices
  • Ability Coaching
  • Inclusion Programs
  • Macro Programs and Micro Curriculum Design
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Funding and Fundraising


Agility Ladder  | Photo by: Justen Sjong

Agility Ladder | Photo by: Justen Sjong

Coach Approach

  • Coaching Roles & Responsibilities
  • Developing the coaching skill set
  • Boundaries & Safety
  • Child Development & Learning Styles
  • Behavior, Motivation and Inspiration
  • Coping Strategies
  • Practice Structure
  • Training Methodology
  • Innovative Coaching Techniques
  • Technical Skills Training
  • Developing Training Cycles
  • Developing Training Programs
  • Technical and Fundamental Development
  • Adaptive Coaching
  • Competition Arena & Training
  • Speed Training & Development
  • Athletic Conditioning
  • Cross Training
  • Assessments and Evaluations