We focus on empowerment, education, character, and community connection through meaningful programs.


Taylored Fit Solutions explores terrains that connect us to the earth and to each other.  We purposefully challenge participants to think critically, live compassionately, feel authentically and embody spiritually.

Specifically, our adventure based and climbing programs have been tailored to meet the unmet needs of people who have been marginalized from holistic educational or adventure experiences. This includes, but is not limited to people of color, gender expansive and queer individuals, and differently-able and inter-generational learners. We work with individuals, groups, teams, professionals, and educators applying land-based experiential learning best practices.



Brown Girls Climbing Summer Camps 2019

Multi-adventure, exploration and climbing twist fun! Girls leave this camp community stronger, self-reliant, independent, and confident!

Camp Epic Adventures July 22-26

Brown girls climbing

Brown Girls Climbing is an experiential, climbing and adventure centered, leadership and character development program aimed to nurture kinetic movement and to promote the benefits of exercise and outdoor leadership for girls of color.


Community connections

We are in the community and making an impact! Tayloredfit Solutions consults and creates programs with thoughtful intention for the next generation. Read our stories and check out the latest on the TFS Blogger.

homeschool rockS!

HomeSchool Rocks! Climbing Course a finely crafted series of weekly climbing class focused on climbing, outdoor exploration and fun for homeschool children ages 6 to 16 yrs old.



Foster unity, open communication and a productive team with TayloredFit Solutions Team-building and facilitation. Check out Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs for your business, school, or team today!

Brown Girls Climbing Summit Sponsor Campaign

Thank you everyone who has donated and become a sponsor to Brown Girls Climbing. We are excited to have Evolv Sports, Organic Climbing, and Great Western Power Company as partners alongside our vision of diversity and inclusion and we invite other industry and community organizations to be a part of the Brown Girls Climbing dream.

We welcome any amount of donations from people in our communities and the industry. And we generously thank you for helping make this dream possible. CLICK DONATE NOW BUTTON!


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