Brown Girls Climbing is the first climbing, adventure-centered leadership development program based in the Bay Area of California and in the US.  We aspire to celebrate the bond between young girls, who are growing and learning to become self-reliant women.  Our exclusive purpose is to provide a safe space for girls of color to receive the healthy social-emotional and physical benefits of exercise and outdoor leadership. Our vision to close the adventure gap for people of color, starts with the youngest generation through education, imploring sportswomanship, and cultivate a viable community culture that promotes the inclusion of diversity, especially girls of color, in adventure-based sports and outdoor recreation.

Sending in style | photo by: Emily Taylor

Sending in style | photo by: Emily Taylor

Exploration and Discovery

Self-identified girls ages 7 - 16 explore all the possibilities of their journey being a part of an intrinsically mindful program where they can express dynamic leadership skills and establish mentoring cohorts in their communities. Girls learn valuable tools to connect with voice, body and confidence through the earth.  Our exploration creates the opportunity for girls to mindfully challenge themselves, take away and enhanced the emotions they experience in challenging situations. 

  • Exploration Days

  • Adventure Trips

Reaching New Heights

Brown Girls Climbing welcomes girls to be their whole selves in a comfortable and encouraging environment.   We have developed a platform and safe space to mature compassionately, learning openness and patience. Within our organic journey together and taking time to understand how the different strengths each person manifest, our girls develop a connection to the cohesive roles they play on a team and in community.

  • Indoor Rock Climbing

  • Agility Courses

  • Yoga

A Look Ahead | Photo by: Emily Taylor

A Look Ahead | Photo by: Emily Taylor

Whole in One | Photo by: Emily Taylor

Whole in One | Photo by: Emily Taylor

Mindful Connections

Brown Girls Climbing is a comfortable and encouraging environment for girls to take on new challenges/ Our girl-positive program is mindfully intended to incorporate the overwhelming health benefits of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual expose to nature and the outdoors.

2019 Fall Session Sept. 19-Oct 24

ascent program (Ages 7-9)

  • Thursdays 3:30p-5:00p

peak program (Ages 9-16)

  • Thursdays 5:15p-6:45p

  • Self-identified girls and non-binary participants

  • 8 maximum participants in each program (wait-list avail)

  • No climbing experience necessary

  • Climbing days local gyms

  • Exploration days we explore outdoor areas in the Bay Area

  • Day Trips, Adventure Trips & Overnight Camping Excursions

To maximize the quality of our program, we have limited spots available each season. Register your daughter for this life-changing experience today!

How to Register:

  1. Register for program

  2. Make a Payment once you register

  3. Complete TayloredFit Solutions Risk and Liability Form

  4. Complete Touchstone Climbing Risk and Liability Form

Registration is strongly encouraged, as we will not be able to accommodate over the maximum participants allowed. 9 participants max

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