Emily Taylor is the founding director of parent consulting company, TayloredFit Solutions and creator of the vision project, Brown Girls Climbing Program. She has nearly three decades of expertise creating and developing adventure and outdoor leadership programs, building prosperous youth team programs, and operating and coaching an independent multiple tiered team. She is a multifaceted Renaissance woman, with a specialty in training climbing athletes and people with adaptive capabilities. She is a committed professional climbing coach, an experiential facilitator, sports diversity advocate, educator and consultant. 

Emily Taylor

As the owner and leader of Taylored Fit Solutions and Brown Girls Climbing Program, Emily provides personalized coaching, climbing training and individual training programs for climbing athletes throughout the United States. Emily shares her experience and knowledge by consulting schools, gyms, and coaches through her unique Coach Approach workshops and clinics designed to strengthen coaches, teams and athletes.   

Through years of coaching experience, she has culminated an applicable methodology to learning and training the fundamentals of movement. She has an extraordinary coaching eye and holistic ideologies for athletes and coaches. She is a specialist at the efficiency of movement and mental strategies for competitive performance and has become one of the most sought after technical coaches in the competitive sport climbing and adaptive community. Part of her secret is welcoming, accepting and learning from diversely able athletes while establishing genuine connection with climbers and empowering athletes to be self-reliant.

Her coaching facilitator style is personal, compassionate, and boldly expressive. Her clients appreciate a deeper purpose to breath, foundation, movement, and community. Through her dynamic coaching style she brings results in projects and programs for individual clients. Her extensive experience facilitating groups has provided a solid foundation and rich pool of understanding of group processes and intuitive learning approaches.

Emily started climbing in 1996 on a 2 month, multi-adventure Outward Bound course in Colorado. Fervent, engulfed, and thrilled after her first experience, she began climbing, training and competing. While finishing undergraduate school in South Carolina, Emily started working in a gym and found her niche teaching after school programs. After gaining experience as an experiential facilitator and outdoor educator at a hospital for children in rural Georgia, she catapulted with motivation to create her own program. This program aimed at  helping children connect through experiential learning, climbing and bring more diversity to the climbing community. She became one of the first independent climbing program coaches in the United States, with four students.  In four years her team, Urban Core Climbing, peaked with 70 youth climbers in a multi-tier level team, Top 10 status with USA Climbing and climbers winning IFSC World Cup Championships. She traveled everywhere with her team exposing city climbers to the wonderful world of epic adventures. Inspired by the combination of adventure and excitement of the next challenge, Emily set out on October 2, 2003 to climb and ascend the most famous direct big wall route, The Nose of El Capitan in Yosemite, California. After 6 days of ascent, she became the first black woman to do so.

When she is not working on her newest project, Brown Girls Climbing, consulting on programs and curriculums, or working on her book about her unique approach to coaching climbing, she enjoys traveling to new places, hiking and backcountry camping, exploring the west coast with her 8 yr old daughter, photography, reading, history buffing, supporting the arts, and investing in her community through various volunteer work in social justice projects and environmental conservation programs.

Pace & Rhythm  | Photo by: Emily Varisco

Pace & Rhythm | Photo by: Emily Varisco


  • 20+ years of Program Development and Execution

  • 20+ years of Coaching Individuals and Groups

  • 15 years Training Coaches on Climbing Techniques

  • 20+ years of Program Facilitation

  • 10 years USA Climbing Regional Coordinator

  • USA Climbing L2 Routsetter

  • USA Climbing Team Assistant Coach-2003 Scotland

Personal climbing Experience & accomplishments

Champion In The Raw  | Photo by: BGC Parent

Champion In The Raw | Photo by: BGC Parent


  • Brown Girls Climbing 2015-Present

  • Diverse Ability Coaching Program 2002-Present

  • Urban Core Climbing Program 2002-2015

  • Climber Athlete Accolades: Kai Lighter-Current Ranking #1 US Team Champion Sport & Bouldering, World Championships-2017/4th, 2016/4th, World Championships 2015/1st, World Championships 2014/4th, Riley Ogier-US Speed Team 2014, Olivia Ogier-US Speed Team 2013, Matt Nunes-US Speed Team 2009-2015, Alex Lawson-US Speed Team 2011-2012, Jason Wills-US Sport & Boulder Team 2010-2012, Jamie Dunlavy-US Speed Team 2010-2012, Joshua Muehring-US Speed Team 2010, Jordan Earle-US Sport Team 2006-2007, Alex Johnson-US Sport, Boulder & Speed Team 2001-2004, 2003 World Championship/2nd

  • USA Climbing Regional Team Champions 2006-2012

  • USA Climbing Top 10 Sport Climbing Team-2012

  • USA Climbing Top 10 Speed Climbing Team 2012

  • AccessFund Stewardship/Conservation Award 2006-2014