Taylored Fit Solutions consulting services specialize in program and coaching development, adventure-based experiential school programs, diversity, and adaptive ability inclusion education.

We provide expert climbing knowledge as a catalyst for deeper change. Our solutions oriented consulting transforms and delivers results. We help organizations improve performance, efficiency and independence with meaningful education, mindful facilitation, tools, resources, and an action plan that make your goals attainable. 

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Team Management & Development

If you are starting a team, or restructuring your current program, why re-invent the wheel? We specialize in team management & development including, organization investment, team structure and operations, staffing, policies, funding, marketing, member recruitment, and community connection. 

Craft of Coaching  | Photo by: Andrew Chao

Craft of Coaching | Photo by: Andrew Chao

Coach Approach

Coaching is an art form, with many of variables of trust, connection and understanding for the participant and the coach to establish. With years of crafting the coaching experience, we bring an engaging mindfulness to educate new and seasoned coaches; empowering with creative methods, safe training ideologies, and techniques on coaching people, problem-solving, motivating, and mentoring.

We assist in developing the professional coach, exploring ethics of team development and management, roles and responsibilities, industry safety practices, and safe ground management operations. We help define effective ways to motivate and communicate with a team through accountability measurements, stages of physical, emotional, and social development, and progression of experiential and kinetic learning.

Adaptable  | Photo by: Emily Taylor

Adaptable | Photo by: Emily Taylor

Adaptive & Diverse Needs Program Development

As one of the pioneers of adaptive and diverse needs coaching, Taylored Fit Solutions provides a rich, open, unique consulting experience and guidance on diversifying and inclusion in sports programs.  We do everything from establishing programs to teaching staff, hosting workshops and clinics. 

We specialize in coaching and training people with neurological, and physical differences including wheelchair & amputees, cerebral palsy, visual and hearing impaired, sensory integration, ADHD, Aspergers, OTS and delayed cognitive development.  Businesses grow with inclusion of everyone. We can help your business discover and support the amazing talents of the adaptively able your community!  

Hike In  | Photo by: Tanya Malott

Hike In | Photo by: Tanya Malott

Experiential Education School Programs

With activities focused on problem-solving, communication, collaborative thinking, conflict resolution, and unity, Taylored Fit Solutions consults, designs and implements action learning, that engage students in self-awareness, confidence and character development.

Incorporate adventure based and experiential learning into your school curriculum and enrich a connected social-learning experience that transcends lives and communities.

Crossing Bridges  | Photo by: Emily Taylor

Crossing Bridges | Photo by: Emily Taylor

Diversity, Inclusion and Awareness Training

Diversity training is the reality that is facing many companies today and is critical ingredient for cultivating change that fosters a more creative, inclusive, respectful and productive work environment Promoting inclusiveness and diversity within the work space is one of the best ways to foster an open-minded, global company culture. Not only does this make good business sense—helping your company to better understand clients. Consult with Taylored Fit Solutions for your company needs and training opportunities. Receive care, instruction and strategies you can implement and aim at promoting cultural awareness acceptance.