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Re-known professional climbing coach, Emily Taylor of TayloredFit Solutions has crafted unique clinics and workshops specific for the Climbers of Color.


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Saturday, October 5th

8a-10a Foundation of Climbing Technique Harness efficiency and improve your stamina immediately with an in-depth exploration of climbing technique. This 2-hour clinic dissects the what-how-why of 10 essential principle climbing fundamentals with ease and mindfulness. Your climbing will impenetrably soar after this clinic, giving you a consistent baseline for technical self-reliance and confidence. Experience Level: Novice+ Capacity: 20

11a-1p  Power Technical Recovery: Transitions, Compressions & Extensions It’s not about making the move, it’s about making the move smoothly, efficiently, recovering and making another. Power-technical recovery explores the 6 advance moves and drills for strengthening your approach to overhangs, roofs and transitions. This is a body intensive clinic to improve core tension, balance, precision and recovery.   Experience Level: Recreation+ Capacity:16

2p-4p  Harness Your Confidence: A Look at Climbing Performance and Self 90% of climbing is mental. 10% is physical. What we think, we feel.  What we feel, we act. More times than not, the interruption of confidence comes before, during and after the crux and impedes performance and the joy of climbing.Taking time to access our mental inventory, narratives and stories can help move stagnation and fear into the appropriate places in our lives and our climbing performance. Harnessing confidence is not always easy and natural for climbers, this clinic safely explores ways to shift our narratives and embody climbing holistically for the entire experience. Experience Level: Recreation+ Capacity: 16  

Shoes, chalk bag, harness & belay device, journal/notebook, yoga mat. Arrive :20 mins early for your own warm-up & stretch please! *Refrain from eating ALL NUTS during clinics & workshops.

Clinics | Cost | Deposit

1 clinic - $90 $45

2 clinics - $160 $85

3 clinics - $245 $145

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climbers of color | workshops SUNDAY, October 6th

8a-11a  Improving Lead Climbing  Whether you are newly certified or an experienced sport climber, sharpening your lead and route reading skills in this 3-hour workshop will put you on the top of your sport game.  Improve your stance and stamina. Improve efficient clipping.  Improve core tension. Improve your climbing pace and rhythm. Improve rest and recovery. Improve your mental game by learning to embracing your effort, fear and the fall. Become a better lead partner. This safely sequenced, drill-based workshop is action-packed and complete with plenty of resources and tools to optimize your peak performance on the sharp end. Experience Level: Intermediate+ Capacity:12 

1p-4p Climbing Analytics and Analysis: Identifying Strength and Challenges Develop awareness and advocacy for your climbing agency. Elevate your confidence in your climbing and performance by taking time to analyze your relationship in the four elements of sport. How do you embody climbing mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually and what are your strength and challenges in these elements? Learn how to identify, address and audit your climbing with performance enhancing technical drills, zone and power-endurance training exercises that provide sustainable challenge solving solutions. In just a few hours, your improved climbing, training knowledge and mental performance will help you find all balance and fulfillment in your climbing. Experience Level: Intermediate+  Capacity: 16

Shoes, chalk bag, harness & belay device, journal/notebook, yoga mat, rope, 4 quickdraws, bandana. Arrive :20 mins early for your own warm-up & stretch please! *Refrain from eating ALL NUTS during clinics & workshops.

Workshop | Cost | Deposit

1 workshop - $225 $100

2 workshops - $445 $250

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1:1 Training Sessions

Professional Coaching sessions improve performance, technique and mental focus. With over 25 qualified years experience, Emily Taylor is a pioneer in professional coaching athletes and climbers, offering specialize individual and comprehensive training programs for climbers near and far and all experiences. Athletes benefit from 1:1 coaching, video connection with in-depth coaching analysis, and a Individual Training Program mindful and holistically crafted to support the target benchmarks and achieve performance preparation.

Book a 1:1 Personal Training Session with Professional Coach Emily Taylor. She has a few slots available for Climbers of Color throughout the weekend. Reserve a spot now.

Saturday | Oct 5-

5:30p Available

Sunday | Oct 6-

5:30p Not Available

7:00p Available

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