Brown Girls Climbing Scholarship Fun

Help young girls reach for new heights!  Donate towards our scholarship & financial assistance fund today!

Help young girls reach for new heights!  Donate towards our scholarship & financial assistance fund today!

Our mission is to deliver a child safe, accessible program through education, imploring sportswomanship, and cultivate a viable community culture that promotes the inclusion of diversity, especially women of color, in adventure-based sports and outdoor recreation. We provide leadership opportunities for female climbers of color, by creating inclusive opportunities to climb and explore for under-represented communities.

What we have noticed though is a lack of representation of women of color in the world of climbing and mountaineering. Girls of color in the indoor gym and youth competitive industry are grossly unsought and represented. We are filling the gap ourselves. Our first chapter of Brown Girls Climbing is currently based out of Oakland, California. Our vision is a chapter in every state servicing the needs of our community! Brown Girls Climbing will transform the lives and possibilities of young girls of color interested in rock climbing, adventure and exploration and open more doors and opportunities for girls in the industry. We hope that in 10 years rock climbing will no longer be considered a “white sport” but an inclusive activity which celebrates and transforms the lives and bodies of anyone interested!

In order to accomplish this huge project, we are in the campaign efforts to raise a total of $10,000 for scholarships and program support for the Brown Girls Climbing Program. We have girls in finincial need now in our community who deserve an opportunity and chance to summit!! We are asking for all of your support and community effort!

Brown Girls to the Summit Scholarship Fundraiser Wish-List (pass it on!)

$10,000 to support Brown Girls Climbing (As of 3/14: raised $6565.00 so far! Thanks for support!)
****Scholarship assistance for a few of our girls. Here is how every little bit helps and you can pitch in!
—Donations! $10, $25, $50, $100 (or fill in your amount)
---Community business sponsored scholarships!! Any amount!
—Sponsor a climber for a season $330.00
—National Park Pas
—Community sponsors and partners (businesses, individuals)
—Environment conscious, sweatshop free climbing sponsors
—Shoes (sponsor)
---Climbing bags
—Belay device equipment
—(2)4-6 person tents

With your help, inclusion and support, Brown Girls Climbing will summit and be the next generation to change the world of climbing!
Help us grow! Word of mouth! If you have donated previously or through our website, A HUGE THANKS TO YOU! Please forward this important link to your friends & family. Its who you know! Pass this along! Get it to Ellen & Oprah! We need your social media to pass good news along now more than ever!


pledge amount

$10 - On Belay!
$25 - Flash
$50 - Tops
$100 - First Ascent

Click the donate button below and enter your donation amount.  Thank you for your support! (As of 6/19: raised $6565.00 so far! Thanks for support!)