1st Annual Climbing Summit

For Coaches & Climbers of Color



The 1st Annual Climbing Summit for Coaches & Climbers of Color is a full-featured experience for invested climbers and coaches ready to embark on an evolving journey of transformation.  This summit provides a unique opportunity for coaches of color to enhance professional coaching skills, knowledge and education; and provides climbers of color an opportunity to enrich their climbing experience, improve training and inspire the best practice.

Progressive in design, this 4-day summit is crafted to elevate the next generation of coaches by experiential teaching the art of coaching through apprenticeship and modeling while delivering a series of in-depth training clinics, workshops and labs designed to enhance climbers physical and mental performance in climbing.  This summit is a crafted experience for us-our inclusion, all interactive, and all inspiring.

Hosted in the micro climate, multicultural hub of Bay Area, California, a historically rich nesting spot for culturally inclusive dialogue, radical social justice, progressive healing modalities and a plethora climbing accessibility, the 2020 Climbing Summit for Coaches & Climbers of Color features the best of instruction, guidance and wisdom from professionals in all of these fields. Professional Coach Emily Taylor, Certified Yoga Instructor, Satya de la Paz, Certified Fitness Coach, Shon Reese, Entrepreneur, Brooklyn Wright, Scientist, Dr. Tone Rawlings, Ph.D. and guest speaker, Activist, Teresa Baker comprises the unit of educators, healers, and activist making history with you throughout the weekend. 

Whether coach or climber, novice or advanced; your climbing and your life will be transformed through this rich experience you so deserve. Be a part of history and a stronger generation of climbers.


During this 4-Day experiential summit, explore diverse training labs fostering expansive development at both a personal and professional level.  A well designed coaching framework complete with integrated and e-learning, resources, presentations, workshops, clinics, assessments and of course, numerous of opportunities to practice coaching and receive feedback on newly acquired skills, builds competency, confidence and commitment in your coaching; ultimately giving you the enhancing professional development and personal investment you deserve.


Grasp concepts quickly and easily with proven training methods that help identify and modify challenging areas not only the physical, but the emotional and mental aspects of climbing and performance.  Methodology, theories, discoveries, and training applications explored in technique clinics and training labs are crafted to maximize experiential learning, mindfulness training and support target benchmarks to achieve goals. Each training clinic provides opportunity to access and apply training resources for every cycle and every project, leaving you new goals to set in your journey through climbing.